Hello, I'm David Miller, and I wholeheartedly believe that good design builds trust. 


No matter the medium, a well-designed piece—one that is functional, reliable, usable, and emotional—will gain folks' trust.

Good design also has the ability to transform a workplace. Effective communication is critical to all of our jobs, and visual design helps tell great stories, conveys difficult information, and allows for deeper, more meaningful connections to be made with content.

I've worked on projects about space and science as Visual & Interactive Design Lead at the Adler Planetarium in Chicago, and designed web apps for the Zooniverse, which allow volunteers around the world to identify animals in the Serengeti, observe distant galaxies, and help find cures for cancer. I'm currently helping folks take action in their communities and fight for a more representative democracy as Design Director at Swing Left.

If I'm not designing something, I'm probably making photographs, reading nerdy typography books, or hanging out with my roommate/dog, Reggie, who hates trains and can't make right turns.

Photos from various adventures